Here's What You'll Get When You Join The Fitplans Academy

Muscle Building, Fat Burning Workouts Delivered Daily To Your Smartphone, Tablet Or Desktop

If you’re making no progress despite working hard… If you feel like no matter what you do, nothing works…If you’re getting more and more frustrated… If you’re low on time and even lower on motivation…

This is the plan that will finally get you the results you want.


Here's what makes fitplans so effective for men and women across the UK..

Fast workouts. Each workout can be done in 60 minutes or less. Your time is important.

Powerful exercises. We don't waste time with low-return exercises. You'll learn the exercises that provide the best results. Take the best, discard the rest.

Video tutorials for every exercise. The best exercises are only the best if you do them right. That's why every exercise has a video tutorial so you can get the best results in the shortest time possible.

Total fitness. Every workout builds every element of fitness for a complete transformation.

No boring routines. Every 4 weeks you'll receive a new programme to keep your brain and muscles stimulated.

State of the Art Training App. Dial in your nutrition with our extensive food database. Your workouts will be delivered to your phone daily along with workout notes and coaching cues.

Get Exclusive Access To Our

Private Facebook Group

You'll Get Access To The Fitplans Academy Private Community That Helps You Throughout Your Transformation

We're a tight community who love to compete with each other and drive each other forward. Think of us as your teammates, we've got your back through whatever you're facing.

We help each other, we inspire each other and we call each other out on excuses when needed. This is a community where thriving is the norm, you have to experience it to see just how valuable it is!

Real People, Real Results

Revolutionise Your Approach

Exclusive Video Modules & Coaching Calls

Half of the battle is outside of the gym. There's nothing worse than spinning your wheels in the gym because the rest of your lifestyle is out of whack.


Ditch the old ways and learn how we literally turn goal setting on its head to make upgrading your lifestyle almost automatic.

You'll learn what separates the successful and unsuccessful and why willpower has very little to do with it..

Still have questions?

Our private group provides you with all of the answers.. and if it doesn't? We'll create new content to make sure it does!

I'm with you in the group daily to make sure you have everything you need every step of the way.

Upgrade Your Nutrition

Fat Burning Meal Plans

Building Muscle And Burning Fat Effectively Needs Your Nutrition To Be On Point

Ever notice how the diet industry has sort of.. taken the fun out of eating? One minute something is good for you and the next it's not!

Well the good news is that 99% of the things you hear about diet are of absolutely no consequence whatsoever. Just like with training, here we focus on the things that make big differences and to hell with the rest of it.

We fully encourage you to develop your own way of eating, a way that suits you perfectly but the fastest way to get initial success is to model success and that's why you'll find tried and proven meal plans and recipes within fitplans to get you off to a great start.


Hi, I'm Theo Whittington

Creator of the Fitplans Academy, Author of the Fat Loss Handbook and here to help you.

I became a personal trainer a decade ago and I absorbed every bit of information available on anatomy, physiology, nutrition, fitness, biomechanics... everything! Then learned more about how people work... then I became a GOOD personal trainer.

See, I came to see the patterns between those who achieved more than they thought possible,.. and those who didn't.

It wasn't motivation, it wasn't willpower and it wasn't even how often they trained! It was something else, and when I discovered what it was, it changed everything.

This is why people in the Fitplans Academy spend less time in the gym, follow simpler methods of training and nutrition, and enjoy better results than everyone else.

If you're looking for real change, look no further.


Fitplans Will Help You

Compete At A Higher Level

Achieve More in Less Time, Recover Faster, Enhance Your Energy Levels, and Build The Body You Want With Fast, Effective Workouts

Most programmes spend a LOT of time on inefficient exercises and minutia that not only wastes your time but robs your body of vital energy and recovery abilities. You can end up doing endless sets and exercise variations for months on end with nothing to show for it but aches and pains.

Fitplans Workouts are Intelligently Designed To Help You

Build a Strong, Toned Body

Burn Fat More Efficiently

Develop Functional Strength (Not Just 'Show' Muscles)

Strengthen Your Core and Lower Back

Eliminate Joint Pain From Overuse and Bad Form

Become Truly Confident By Building a Body You Can Be Proud of!

Here are a few reviews by fitplans members..

Dominic Hemp

Lowestoft, United Kingdom

"Brilliant. Helps me keep track on everything! Has great programmes to suit your needs. Lost 1.5 stone so far using it and feel fitter, healthier, stronger and most importantly happier."

Lewis Fields

Lowestoft, United Kingdom

"Fitplans seriously helps me out, I work a lot and knowing when I go to the gym I’ve already got laid out what I need to do really helps. I always find one of the most daunting parts of the gym is figuring out what I need to work and how I work them, and with the app it takes away all those worries and just leaves the workouts! It shows me what to do, and how to do it and gives me nice detailed instructions to help me through my routine."

Peter Carr

Gunton, United Kingdom

"Been training with Theo for about 9 months now and the results speak for themselves! I've lost a tremendous amount of weight and put on a lot of strength and not to boast too much but I've never looked or felt better."

Samantha Carr

Gunton, United Kingdom

"As someone who has been allergic to exercise for the majority of my life, this app and Theo's excellent help has helped me get fitter and stronger. From struggling with body weight squats to 20kg squats in 3 weeks! I'm starting to look and feel better than I ever did before. Easy to use and the plans are simple to follow. However, I now appreciate lifts more than ever and regret buying a car so low to the ground!"

Martin Cooper

Lowestoft, United Kingdom

"Lost 5kg (0.79 stone) of bodyfat while maintaining/building muscle in under 2 weeks. Definitely heading in the right direction!"

Joe Fallon

Lowestoft, United Kingdom

"My progress since I first began has been amazing and I can’t stress enough how good Theo is as a personal trainer. His knowledge is vast and invaluable and he’s pretty much the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. I now have more self confidence than I’ve ever had, and more self belief to boot. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Theo to anybody. "

Danny Batchelor

Lowestoft, United Kingdom

"The progression I have achieved in such a short space of time is phenomenal. Already the comments about my body have changed drastically. I finally have some confidence back and am actually becoming more and more proud of my body each week."

No Contract - Cancel Anytime

Available Anytime, Anywhere.

New Routines Every Month.

Support Calls Every Week.

 Exclusive Training Courses.

 Personalised Macros For Your Goal.

 Fitplans Recipe Book.

 Cutting Edge Workout, Nutrition & Progress Tracking.

 24/7 Community, Support & Accountability.

 Members Only Competitions.

I don't have much time, I work a lot, I have kids etc

No problem. We know how life goes. Do what you can when you can, most members of our community are in full-time work or have kids or both. We believe in learning through action. You’ll spend as much (or more) time doing as you are learning, achieving your goals as you go. 

The time investment for the fitplans is between 3 and 10 hours per week depending on how big your goals are! 

Are my credit card details secure?

Absolutely. All transactions are securely processed and we never store credit card information.

Who is the Fitplans Academy not for?

The Fitplans Academy is for a certain type of person. Someone who knows that achieving their goals is going to take work, is willing to accept that, and wants to focus their energy effectively for maximum results in the shortest time.

There are a few people it is NOT for:

  • It is not for anyone looking for a quick-fix, a cleanse or a new 'diet'. The Fitplans Academy teaches you core principles and standards that will guide your decisions and propel you forward.
  • It is not for people looking for a babysitter. We're here to guide you, to lead you to better results, and help you adopt new standards and a better way of life; we're not here to hold your hand. You still need to take action.
  • You have significant injuries or disabilities that are hard to work around online. There are some cases where we may refund members' payments after they have completed their health questionnaire, this is only because we feel we would be doing you a disservice if we were to take you on. We'll be happy to recommend a local trainer to you if we know someone.

How does Fitplans compare to other options?

How does Fitplans compare to personal training? A fraction of the price with the majority of benefits that personal training provides and a number of benefits that it typically doesn't! 

How does Fitplans compare to weight loss services? We're half the price while providing way more support. We also teach you principles that you can keep, not a point scoring method that changes a couple of times each year. 

The truth is, there's not much out there like Fitplans. You may find a similar service at a much higher price, or you might find a service that includes some of what we do for a similar or slightly higher price but right now, there's not really any other like-for-like options out there!

Is there a contract?

There are no contracts! Fitplans is billed monthly but you have the freedom to cancel as and when you like. We do suggest you give it a fair trial, if you leave and come back, we'll review your purchase against our 'Who is the Fitplans Academy not for?' section and if we don't believe you're ready for change we may refuse your membership so we can focus our efforts on those we can help best. 

Can't I just find this information online for free?

Information doesn't cut it. If it did then there would be no fat personal trainers and nurses wouldn't smoke. This is the real world, application is key and we walk you through the process from start to finish. 


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