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You can view and book our events in our app under 'events', but we'll show you what coming up here so you don't miss out!

Start Your Morning Right

Nutrition Talk

Used slimming groups in past? Like the group mentality but want something a little different? Our online Nutrition Talk live events are an opportunity to learn the most effective ways to eat, ask your questions and get the answers you need. There's no mandatory weigh in, but you can share your results if you want to! Check the in-app events calendar for the next one.

This feature is now in testing and will be a weekly feature in fitplans from late 2018/early 2019.

Start Your Morning Right (1)

Wellness Wednesdays

We've enlisted the help of Clinical Psychologist (name) to help you achieve better results and level up your mindset. Whether you struggle with motivation, emotional eating or you just need to get some things off of your chest, you'll be able to do that between 6PM and 9PM every Wednesday. The key to getting the most out of this service is to go in with a positive, problem-solving mindset.

This feature is in testing and if it is used will be rolled out in full for 2019.

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Rest Week Catch-Up

You'll find there are some weeks when there are no workouts in your schedule, this isn't a mistake. This occurs every 12 weeks and is a time for your body to rest and recover from the previous 12 weeks and come back stronger for the next. We have a live call where you can catch up with us at fitplans HQ and other fitplans members to share your stories and have a great time! You'll be able to find this in the in-app events calendar.