Personal Training, Weekly Groups & The Best Offer You've Ever Seen!

Available in Lowestoft Only!

If you're trying to get fit, you know that it's not as easy as it seems.

If only you could get the guidance you need, a clear plan to follow and all of the support you need for a price that literally makes you say 'Take my money!'.

My name is Theo Whittington, if you're from Lowestoft then there's a good chance we know each other, or at least have friends in common. I've been doing this whole fitness thing for a long time now and I've seen pretty much everything! I put this service together to help people like you achieve their fitness goals, even if you've struggled most of your life, even if you're permanently busy (trust me, I can relate!).

I set it up as an online service delivering goal-specific workout routines that I've personally used and have helped my clients achieve some great results, along with dietician-approved meal plans, a state of the art lifestyle tracking system, lots of delicious (and healthy!) recipes, educational content and all the support you need,

Lowestoft is my home though, it's where I grew up and it's where we've started our first gym. It's also where fitplans started, so I've decided to add a few extras for fitplans members in the Lowestoft area and it all happens on Saturdays!

NEW Weekly Groups

You're probably familiar with WeightWatchers and Slimming World and whether you like them or not, they help a lot of people by offering guidance and accountability. As of February 2019, fitplans memberships now include weekly groups on Saturday at 11am.

Check your progress with weight, tape measurements, body fat testing and progress photos.

Get faster results with tailored advice in our group talks

100% included in your fitplans membership - no additional group fees!


NEW Open Gym

Later on at 4pm, you have the opportunity to catch up with other fitplans members and get hands on coaching in the areas you need at our gym Fitness Local. You'll have to sign a waiver if it's your first time but you can come in to train completely free until 6pm.

Get a great workout at Fitness Local

Get hands-on coaching to improve your form and performance

100% included in your fitplans membership - no additional training fees!

To get access to Fitness Local all the time, head over to and pick a membership.

And don't forget..

This is in addition to 1) having a complete training plan for your goals where you can record all of your workouts 2) having access to dietician-approved plans to help you track and improve your nutrition and control your weight 3) having same-day online support 7 days per week 4) getting access to our community group 5) benefiting from our educational modules which we'll add to each month.

And not only do you get extra benefits, you can also take advantage of a better price! This is a limited-time offer - I know everyone says that, but this one really is! You can save up to 50% off your membership with the code 'SUNRISE'. Just enter it at checkout and you can get a full year of training, nutrition, weekly groups, open gym sessions and support for just £120. If this doesn't sound like an awesome offer then you might as well leave this page now, it doesn't get any better than that!


Core Features

  • Annual workout plan containing 4 x 12 week blocks separated with a rest week between each
  • Dietician-approved meal plans for you to use as you wish
  • State of the art tracking software
  • Recipe library which can be found in our members area
  • Educational library which can be found in our members area
  • Same day support available in the fitplans community facebook group or through our in-app messaging facility
  • Fitbit integration for activity tracking

Added Extras

  • Weekly group meetings including weight, circumference, body fat and visual progress testing (48 weeks of 52)
  • Weekly open gym sessions with hands on coaching (48 weeks of 52)
Fine Print