Are You Tired Of Hitting The Gym Regularly And Still Looking The Same?

UK Personal Trainer Teaches You How to Gain Muscle, Build Real Strength and Achieve A Body You Can Be Proud Of. In This Revolutionary Service He's Assembled a Crack Team From A Number Of Different Fields To Bring You The Little Known Secrets of Top Professionals Build Strength And Perform At Your Best!

Have you been training a while now but don't feel like you're getting anywhere?

Do you aim to get stronger every session but the weights you lift don't seem to increase?

... maybe your motivation isn't exactly increasing either..

Well, here's the thing. Everyone who's built a strong, defined body has been there but they spent more time stuck on this than you have to.

My name is Theo Whittington, and I'm a personal trainer in the UK. I've helped people achieve a range of fitness goals and one group of people I've spent quite a bit of time with is powerlifters..

Yep, those guys. The ones who want to lift more weight than anyone else and love to get under heavy barbells. I swear half of my energy was spent bullying them into doing cardio (the other half was loading 20s onto the bar)

Not everyone wants to be a powerlifter but we ALL want to be strong right?

I'm not going to lie, the guys who wanted to get strong were always the EASIEST clients to work with and it was a lot of fun. They got strong, a lot of them competed, and 1st place was the most common medal to come back after those meets.

"Brilliant. Helps me keep track on everything! Has great programmes to suit your needs. Lost 1.5 stone so far using it and feel fitter, healthier, stronger and most importantly happier."
Dom Hemp, 83kg Class Powerlifter, GBPF


"I really cant recommend Training with Theo enough! He knows so much about all aspects of weightlifting and general training, and also very helpful with the nutrition side of things too."
Sam Harvey, 120kg Class Powerlifter, GBPF, Team GB


"My progress since I first began has been amazing and I can’t stress enough how good Theo is. His knowledge is vast and invaluable and he’s pretty much the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. I now have more self confidence than I’ve ever had, and more self belief to boot. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Theo to anybody. "
Joe Fallon, 74kg Powerlifter, GBPF

Problem is though, when I took some time out in 2015, that all went away. It wasn't that they weren't still the hardworking guys and girls that were constantly testing themselves a year before.. it was something else. A sense of structure, the community.

I created fitplans to help as many people as I can to escape their frustration and change their lives. I've teamed up with other professionals to give you a unique view of not just how to get great results, but how to develop the follow through to make things happen.

What Do You Get?

Every top athlete has a team behind them, fitplans gives you access to a team of professionals ready to help you achieve your goals. You'll receive workouts which you can log in your phone, a guide to prepping your meals and planning out your supplementation, as well as access to fitplans university, a series of educational modules covering our science-backed approach to improving your lifestyle.

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There's no ancient chinese secrets, scientific breakthroughs or magic pills. We just pull back the curtain to show you what professionals from different fields do in their businesses to help people achieve their goals.

Will It Work For You?

  • If you've struggled with your weight all of your life fitplans can help
  • If you have 'fat genes' or less than average genetics fitplans can help
  • If you struggle every day to fight your cravings fitplans can help
  • If you have to drag yourself out of bed every day after hitting snooze a bunch of times, to get through your workday and have no energy left to put towards your goals, fitplans can help.

ORDER TODAY and you'll also receive a SPECIAL BONUS!

I've arranged something special for those who join us before midnight on January 31st! You'll get a 30 minute coaching call with me personally to talk about your goals and the struggles you're facing and I'll help you map out a plan for success. Please note that this is very limited, if all available times get booked up before then, I will have to remove this offer!

Now if you don't know me, you might be thinking, 'Oh man, another internet expert..'. Right?

It's okay, I get it. There are a ton of people out there promoting scams or their own limited opinion on what you should do... sometimes without much experience to back it up with, so I want you to know that you're getting advice from someone who lives the life and helps people reach their goals on a daily basis.

The videos in our modules, and in fact the one at the top of this page, are all filmed at our gym in Lowestoft.. admittedly because I spend way too much time there. My brother and I opened Fitness Local a couple of years ago where we help people every day.

A few videos demonstrations in our app come from my first venture as a sole trader... I traded as TMW Fitness, I basically used my initials because I worried that if I had a name too similar to another business I might get sued for it... oh to be that young again!

I've been doing this a long time and I STILL brought in trusted professionals to help you get the best results possible because when you deal with professionals you get professional results.