Have you got questions? We've got answers.

How do I know which programme is right for me?

Programmes come in categories and levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced which should give you a good indicator of which fitness plan is best for you. Those who are more advanced can still benefit from beginner programmes used for shorter times but an advanced programme will tend to be too demanding for a beginner.

How do I order my fitplan?

You can order through our website by selecting the programme you want to buy, alternatively you can download the fitplans app and get your programme as an in-app purchase. Both are secure payment systems.

Do you have customer service?

All customers have support 7 days per week, 365 days per year through our member forum. We aim to respond to all general enquiries through our website within 24 hours.

How easy is it to follow the programmes?

Fitplans are very easy to follow, we include all the information you could need; sets, reps, rest periods, exercise videos, and instructions for each exercise. These are always available at the tap of a finger. You'll also receive notifications when it's time to go for a workout!