What can fitplans do for you?


⊕ Track your nutrition easily with your built-in meal tracker

⊕ View a detailed breakdown of your diet with calories, macros and more

⊕  Log your nutrition from our database of 600,000+ foods

⊕  Keep track when you're on the move with the handy barcode scanner

⊕ Create and store your own foods or recipes

⊕ Choose from our regular, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free & dairy-free meal plans

⊕ Or build your own plan based on your favourite foods

⊕ Bespoke meal plans created to fit your exact needs (premium)


⊕ Take the guesswork out of training with your programmed training calendar

⊕ Choose from our range of plans to find your perfect fit

⊕ Progress faster with workouts designed and checked by experienced fitness professionals.

⊕ Log your workouts from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

⊕ Log your workouts offline too! - They'll save when you're back online

⊕ Video demonstrations and form cue for faster progress and reduced injury risk

⊕ Quick and easy exercise swaps for any exercises you're unable to perform

⊕ Track your exercise, activity, and other stats with easy fitbit integration

⊕ Get reminders delivered to your phone so you never miss a workout

⊕ Time your sets easily with your easy, quick-access timer

⊕ Watch your improvement over time with our detailed results tracking

⊕ Tailored monthly plans created for your lifestyle, goals and needs (premium)


⊕ Record all of your sets and view your training history with a tap

⊕ Record your weight and see your improvement over time

⊕ Add progress photos and see your body improving month after month

⊕ Record tape measurements, body fat and even heart rate and blood pressure

⊕ Track your nutrition against your chosen plan guidelines

⊕ You can also track steps, floors and heart rate with fitbit integration!

⊕ Monthly one-to-one goal setting sessions delivered over the phone (premium)

⊕ Monthly progress reports and programme alterations to maximise your results (premium)


⊕ Get all of your questions answered in our dedicated support area

⊕ Benefit from a community of people all wanting to improve their health and fitness

⊕ Seven day support for all fitplans members

⊕ Phone, email and direct messaging support (premium)


Please note that although is app can be downloaded for free for android or iOS, you will not be able to log in and use the features without purchasing a membership. This app is not ad-supported and our programmes and meal plans are constructed by professionals, not bots.