Affiliate Terms & Conditions

These terms are kept simple and easy to understand. I'm not a lawyer, and you're probably not either.

Changes to this agreement

I may need to revisit and make changes to this agreement from time to time. If this agreement changes, we'll notify you by email - if you unsubscribe from our email list then you won't be notified but you'll still be bound by the changes if you continue as an affiliate.

Making money with fitplans

This process is pretty damn simple. You'll earn 20% of all direct sales you make and you'll get these commissions on a recurring basis for as long as the person you refer stays with us. You can use the discount codes we supply you with or your own unique affiliate links to refer people to fitplans, if you do not use these then our systems have no way of knowing that you referred the customer so you should take care to copy and paste the correct codes and links.

Direct sales are sales to people that you refer directly. You also have the option to build a downline and earn more money this way.

Downline referrals

When you build a downline you'll earn money not only on the direct sales you make but also on the sales of people who you refer as fellow affiliates. We classify these as levels, with direct sales being level 0.

  • Level 0: 20%
  • Level 1: 15%
  • Level 2: 10%
  • Level 3:   5%
  • Level 4:   3%
  • Level 5:   2%
  • Level 6:   1%
  • Level 7:   0.5%
  • Level 8:   0.25%

This means if you refer a member to the fitplans affiliate programme, then you'll earn 15% on every sale that person makes. This continues on for up to 8 levels and can be incredibly profitable, however it does take work.

Basic Requirements

To join our affiliate programme, you must have achieved, or be achieving results with fitplans and you must hold a fitplans membership to be an affiliate. Affiliates are a part of our community who lead others forward as well as their role in bringing in new faces. If you cancel your fitplans membership you will not be able to claim commissions past your date of cancellation.

There are occasional circumstances when this does not apply, the main one being for companies. Certain companies may be able to benefit fitplans by referring customers or employees. This is a different kind of partnership within our system and therefore the company does not require a membership.

Getting paid

You will usually be paid the following month for sales made in the current month. Under distance selling regulations we have to make certain allowances to ensure that each customer is given their statutory rights, for this reason all payouts will be made 15-30 days after commissions have been earned.