Affiliate Terms & Conditions

In participating the Fitplans Ambassador Programme you agree to the terms here.

Changes to this agreement

I may need to revisit and make changes to this agreement from time to time. If this agreement changes, I'll notify you by email - if you unsubscribe from our email list then you won't be notified but you'll still be bound by the changes if you continue as an ambassador.


You'll earn 25% of all direct sales you make and you'll get these commissions on a recurring basis for as long as the person you refer stays with us. You can use discount codes we supply you with or your own unique affiliate links to refer people to fitplans, if you do not use these then our systems have no way of knowing that you referred the customer so you should take care to copy and paste the correct codes and links. I assume no responsibility for commissions lost due to error on the part of ambassadors so make every effort to make your links correct.

This programme does not pay per visit. Direct sales are sales to people that you refer directly.

You can view your sales statistics at

Downline referrals

I am currently testing a new multi-level component to commissions. Due to the experimental (and much more complex) nature of this, downline commissions are not yet assured so those joining the ambassador programme should do so on the merit of commissions earned via direct referrals alone. If this changes you will receive an email.

The current downline compensation for sales is as follows:

  • Level 1: 25% (direct referral)
  • Level 2: 10%
  • Level 3: 8%
  • Level 4: 5%
  • Level 5: 3%
  • Level 6: 2%
  • Level 7: 1%
  • Level 8: 0.5%

Unlike many multi-level compensation plans, there's no complicated terms attached to this compensation plan. For the sales you earn, you get commission. You do not need to achieve minimum sales quotas and you do not assume the risk of a product reselling business.

Getting paid

Payouts are made on the last day of each month for all commission earned the month prior. Under distance selling regulations we have to make certain allowances to ensure that each customer is given their statutory rights which includes a 14 day cooling off period, this is why commissions are paid in the following month rather than the month in which they are earned.

PPC/Online Ads

Those wishing to drive traffic via online advertising are free to do so, however you may not bid on the keyword 'Fitplans'. You also may not share any content from our website or groups without my explicit permission unless a piece of content is clearly marked for affiliate marketing purposes.

Security & Data Loss

You are responsible for the protection of your password so do not select a password that is easily guessed or may be compromised elsewhere.

The website is backed up regularly to avoid loss of data however there is the potential that small timeframes of data may be lost if servers are damaged. A situation like this would be beyond my control.

I will aim to rectify any issues arising in this situation because it's the right thing to do, however by continuing as an ambassador you agree that The Fitness Consulting Company Ltd can not be held liable for loss of income resulting from data loss outside of the company's direct control. 

Suspension of account

If I feel that your promotion of Fitplans either,

  1. affiliates the brand with something unsavoury, or
  2. misleads people about the service

Then I reserve the right to suspend your account. I will attempt to contact you prior to taking this action with the aim of remedying the situation, if you can not be contacted with the details you provided, or if you choose not to respond, then your account will be suspended 72 hours after the first attempted contact.

Discontinuation of programme

In the unlikely event that I discontinue this programme, earned commissions will still be paid to ambassadors at stated times and tracking will still continue as normal - I will simply stop accepting new ambassadors. If you choose to close your ambassador account, your profile will cease to exist and all data (including referrals) will be deleted - you are cautioned against this as all recurring income would no longer be paid to you.