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The old way doesn't work. If it did, you wouldn't be here. At fitplans, we're experts in people, we teach you how to stack the odds in your favour so you can get the body you want. We teach you behavioural tricks that making sticking to your goals nearly 3 times easier even if you're busy, we show you how to use automation to master healthy eating even if you're on a budget.. We teach you everything.

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Willpower isn't the answer but it's a big part of the equation. We show you how to vastly reduce your need for willpower, while developing a level of discipline that will help you succeed in even the toughest times. We teach you how a line of code running on most websites can be applied to your thinking to stay on track even when life seemingly has other plans.

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Top players have teams of people on hand to advise them. They're smart enough to know that they don't know it all. Fitplans gives you information and support from a team of specialists who will change the way you think. We've condensed our knowledge into short, easy-to-digest modules and how-to articles with everything you could need to succeed.

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